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AVID Series®

AVID Series®

Time marches on and it can be hard to maintain that youthful vigor. Luckily, today we have a wealth of scientific enhancements to counteract the effects of time. Some guys reach for a little blue pill. Others turn to St. Croix’s Avid Series® trout rods. This comprehensive line of rods feature IPC® technology with slim-profile ferrules and a beautiful canteen-green pearl finish. The moderate-action loads progressively down the SCIII blank making it ideal for protecting light tippets. With a selection of models covering a wide array of trout fishing situations, these rods can put a little spring in your step. Not to mention your cast. Sounds healthy to us.

Avid Series® Fly Rods:

ModelLengthActionPCSLine WeightRod WeightHandlePrice
A762.47'6"Mod.422.61 $ 240
A603.26'Mod.232.21 $ 220
A663.46'6"Mod.432.41 $ 240
A703.27'Mod.232.41 $ 230
A793.47'9"Mod.432.61 $ 240
A664.46'6"Mod.442.51 $ 240
A704.27'Mod.242.51 $ 230
A794.47'9"Mod.442.71 $ 240
A864.48'6"Mod.443.12 $ 260
A904.29'Mod.243.42 $ 240
A904.49'Mod.443.52 $ 270
A805.48'Mod.453.22 $ 250
A865.48'6"Mod.453.32 $ 260
A905.29'Mod.253.62 $ 240
A905.49'Mod.453.62 $ 270
A906.29'Mod.263.52 $ 240
A906.49'Mod.463.62 $ 270
A907.49'Mod.473.93 $ 280

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