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Rio Santo®

Rio Santo®

If you’re new to fly fishing, you are about to make up for a whole mess of destructive habits. In one cast, years of health-threatening behavior is swept aside and a fresh, more vibrant you stands armed with a new St. Croix® Rio Santo fly rod ready to face the day. With premium SCII graphite, a smooth moderate-fast action, high-quality guides, up-locking reel seat and a lush cork handle, these rods provide performance you won’t outgrow – making them ideal for the new fly angler and the skilled veteran alike. Manufactured in our Fresnillo facility, the series name translates to “Holy River.” We’re guessing you have a long list of names that fit into that category.

St. Croix Rio Santo Fly Rods:

ModelLengthActionPCSLine WeightRod WeightHandlePrice
RS804.28'Mod. Fast243.02 $ 100
RS804.48'Mod. Fast443.22 $ 120
RS765.27'6"Mod. Fast252.51 $ 100
RS865.28'6"Mod. Fast253.32 $ 100
RS865.48'6"Mod. Fast453.42 $ 120
RS905.29'Mod. Fast253.42 $ 100
RS905.49'Mod. Fast453.42 $ 120
RS906.29'Mod. Fast263.62 $ 100
RS906.49'Mod. Fast463.72 $ 120
RS908.29'Mod. Fast284.33 $ 110
RS908.49'Mod. Fast484.43 $ 130

St. Croix Rio Santo Fly Fishing Outfits:

ModelRodLine WeightReelPrice
RSK804.4RS804.44 WTSTF55 $ 200
RSK865.4RS865.45 WTSTF55 $ 200
RSK905.4RS905.45 WTSTF55 $ 200
RSK906.4RS906.46 WTSTF55 $ 200
RSK908.4RS908.48 WTSTF75 $ 210

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